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Guest Post: Laura


I’ve asked some of my Food Storage savvy friends to share their knowledge, and my friend, Laura, has graciously agreed to do so.  She is a great lady I knew in junior high and high school.  Now she lives on a small farm on the East coast.  Thank you, Laura!

These are her words with emphasis added by me.  🙂  Enjoy!


I first really started focusing on food storage after Sept. 11, 2001. I found an article in our local newspaper. Our small agricultural county had formed a special committee to explore what services were in place to assist the public if another event like 9/11 occurred. We are a very small county with a limited budget, so I knew if resources were being set aside for this topic, it must be important.

The article talked about if Washington, DC was the target of a terrorist attack, more than 6 million people could be exiting the city with great haste.


We are about an hour outside of DC, so our county was concerned about how we would handle that number of people passing through and needing gas, food and other supplies.

Evacuation Center

After reading this article I realized how unprepared my family was if something like this happened in the future. I started slowly buying items that would be helpful, and began my long term food storage.

We raise horses, sheep, chickens and turkeys on our farm.


We also have a big garden and grow tomatoes, spinach, lettuce, zucchini, squash, cantaloupe, string beans, peas, green peppers, beets, kale, corn, potatoes and gourds.


We have eggs year round, and I try to can some of the produce from the garden, so we can use it in during the winter. We don’t eat our livestock, they are all rare breeds and are sold for breeding or pets. However, they are part of my planning for an emergency, if we needed additional food or calories to sustain us.

In addition to food, I am also now focused supplies that would allow us to live comfortably without electricity.

Manual Well Pump

I have started buying camping supplies (stove, etc.), heaters, and other items that would allow us to live without our kitchen stove or propane furnace. For instance we have a well on our property, but the pump is electric, so we purchased a manual version that can be easily installed in the event of a long term power failure.

Best tip I was given for building your food storage: just buy one or two extra things each time you go to the grocery store, and you will have a large supply of items in no time.

Buy one or two extra items for your food storage each time you shop.

Biggest challenge to food storage (for me): Rotating items and using them. I found a great book called “Cooking with Food Storage”, but I have found it hard to work many of the recipes into my weekly cooking.


It’s me again.  Wasn’t that great?  A real person working to become more self sufficient.  It didn’t happen overnight, and it doesn’t have to!

Laura mentioned that it is a challenge to incorporate food storage into her regular cooking.  Here are some links I’ve found helpful in using my food storage.

Everyday Food Storage – a great website with “handouts” on how to use traditional food storage items (wheat, beans, powdered milk, etc.)

Everything Under the Sun – Wendy DeWitt has created a food storage system using regular food.  This link includes a free packet detailing her system and how you can adapt it to your life and family.

My Year Living on Food Storage – This great lady detailed her efforts to live exclusively off of her food storage for one year.  Poke around her blog and glean whatever information you find useful.  I’ve linked you to her favorite food storage cookbook page.  These are books she’s used which helped her incorporate food storage into regular meals.

Now it’s your turn!  Do you have food storage?  If not, what’s stopping you?  If so, what tip has helped you the most?  Please share in the comment section below. 




Author: Laurie Nguyen

I am a happily married, stay at home mom with four sons, ages 24, 22, 18, and 14. I'm not a professional blogger, and I'm certainly not a foodie or a chef. But I like food, so I think I'm qualified to write about my own life experience with food. Want to be a little more prepared for the unexpected? Check out my Food Storage Blog, Have a question about Food Storage? Email me:

7 thoughts on “Guest Post: Laura

  1. Thanks again, Laurie! This is so motivational. Now if only you could teach me how to cook, too! I’m such a domestic disaster!! What a neat life Laura has. It sounds so idyllic. Now that I’m back in Illinois, I’ll try to establish a small vegetable garden in my yard this spring (if I can find a spot that isn’t in the shade all day long — so many trees!). Any garden tips (i.e. home grown vegetables that are good for canning and food storage) would be welcome, as well. But for now, I’ll just try to start buying extra items when I go to the grocery store. By the way, do you have tips or suggestions for the best way to store water? Individual bottles? Large drums? What do you do? Thanks!


    • Karyn,

      When John and I first married, I learned to cook only because I didn’t want to do the dishes (we split the evening tasks). I still wasn’t a great cook, but over time, I’ve improved significantly.

      I am a pretty inexperienced gardener, but I’ve had success with tomatoes and sweet peppers. I’m planning to expand my efforts this year. I’ll let you know how it goes.

      Regarding water, I think I’ll make that my next blog post. But the short answer is individual bottles, soda bottles, and large drums.



  2. Look at all that traffic!! I’d hate to be in that.


  3. I love that garden! Looks so pretty. Is it yours or Laura’s?


    • While I wish I could take credit for the garden, it’s not mine, nor is it Laura’s. I thought it would inspire others to see a beautiful garden, so I used this one. My garden is dead right now, but I’ll put pics up once it warms up and I plant this year’s veggies.


  4. yes yes! great guest post! we’re in the middle of planning our new little home, and I have made it clear i need as MUCH SPACE AS POSSIBLE for food storage. We’re focusing on growing and preserving food, more so than hording groceries, but it’s all from the same motivation- security, frugality and preparedness. And I get so over joyed looking at all my canned goods in the basement, glowing like jewels, or having a freezer full of our homegrown chickens and pork!


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