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Making Your Freezer Part of Your Food Storage Plan | Mom with a PREP


This post comes from Mom With A Prep, a blog I read regularly.  She offers some great ideas on preparedness and food storage.  In this post, she highlights the benefits of using your freezer in building your food storage.

Personally, I use a chest freezer, and I save a lot of money doing many of the things she suggests.  I buy meat whenever it’s on sale (and I have the space for it), and store it in my freezer.  (I’ve toyed with the idea of canning some of the meat, but I haven’t done that yet.)  I’ve owned my chest freezer for close to 14 years, and it has saved me so much money!  So much more than I spent on the freezer and what I spend to keep it cold (about $20/yr).

Use Your Freezer!

And by saving money on the food we regularly eat, I have a little extra leftover to build my long term food storage!  It’s all baby steps.  I save a little one way, then I use that money to buy something else we need.

Here are some highlights from her post:

So how can you use your freezer in your food storage plans?

  • Stocking up on meat when prices are rock bottom.
  • Preparing meals ahead of time that can store and be ready at a moment’s notice, not only for your family, but as a help for another family in need (new baby, sickness, taking on extra family, etc.)
  • Storing garden bounty when you just can’t can quickly enough and your dehydrator is already running at maximum.
  • Storing doughs, fruits, cheeses and other meal components in bulk. Even milk and eggs!

Click on the link below to read her entire post!

Mom With A Prep

Making Your Freezer Part of Your Food Storage Plan | Mom with a PREP.


Author: Laurie Nguyen

I am a happily married, stay at home mom with four sons, ages 24, 22, 18, and 14. I'm not a professional blogger, and I'm certainly not a foodie or a chef. But I like food, so I think I'm qualified to write about my own life experience with food. Want to be a little more prepared for the unexpected? Check out my Food Storage Blog, Have a question about Food Storage? Email me:

6 thoughts on “Making Your Freezer Part of Your Food Storage Plan | Mom with a PREP

  1. I am waiting for my husband to clear his tools out of the garage into the new one he is building so I will finally have room for a freezer!


  2. I have a cold room in the basement. It’s like a “walk in fridge”. One of the few things i love about winter.


  3. Hi Laurie,
    I saw that you visited my site and I thought I would return the favor. If you have read any of my Independence articles you know that I love canning and use pressure canning to enhance my food supply. You stated that you wanted to try canning meats, well, do it. It is very easy. Get a copy, if you do not already have one, of Ball’s Blue Book. Since you thought about it I must assume you have a pressure canner. If not, buy the best you can afford at the time and it will serve your grandchildren one day. I have some canners given to me by my grandmother (paternal) who ran a canning kitchen in the First Great Depression. I have taught my boys and even my grandson, who is now 20, how to can with these same canners. What you can preserve in jars is only limited by your taste buds and imagination. Living close to the Gulf Coast (120 miles) we use canning to take food from the freezer and put in jars after losing power. (Propane cook stove.) This way we do not lose a thousand dollars worth of frozen foods. Our longest power outage has been 3 weeks, so you see we could have lost everything in that amount of time.

    Lately, my wife and I have been donating our time training would be preppers. This morning I will go and give firearms instruction to a group of ladies who want to learn more about firearms, make informed purchases and begin training for their concealed carry license testing. (I am retired and my wife, Von, retires in November, so we have the time.) The way we look at it is each person you train is one less person you have to worry about knocking on your door when times get tough.

    I plan on coming back to your site when I have more time. Keep up the fantastic job. You are way ahead of most folks.

    May the Good Lord bless and keep you.


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