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Grain Mills and Flour Milling: Self-Sufficiency and Frugal Living Class, #1


Freshly ground wheat makes the best bread!

Freshly ground wheat makes the best bread!

I’ve received a few questions from my readers about grain mills.  This wonderful post by another blogger provides a detailed comparison between a few of the most popular grain mills. Enjoy!

This Path Less Traveled...

Today, it is my goal to hopefully answer all of your questions regarding grain mills and flour milling–why to mill your own flour, what type of mill to choose, what grain mills are easily available (and all about each one’s specifications and capabilities), common grains that you can mill and how to use what you produce, with recipes galore!

Let’s begin, shall we?


First up, why to mill your own flour

As you more than likely know, there is a large difference between refined, commercial flour and that which you mill yourself. Commercial flour (that you buy in the store) has all of the “good bits” of the wheat/grain taken out of it, like the nutrient-rich germ, and the remaining endosperm is then ground into flour. Why would a company choose to remove the best, and most nutritious part of the wheat and grain?…

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4 thoughts on “Grain Mills and Flour Milling: Self-Sufficiency and Frugal Living Class, #1

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  2. Very interesting link. Way beyond my capabilities though. I am afraid I can’t justify the expense. But still very interestiy blog. Jack


  3. Hi Laurie 🙂 Thanks very much for following my food blog .. much appreciated ~ Antonio


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