My Foray Into Food Storage

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What An AWESOME Month! As A “Thank You!”, My First-Ever Giveaway Begins RIGHT NOW!


Don’t forget my giveaway! It’s small, but these are great items you can use in an emergency, or just to try out to see if you want to buy a few for an emergency. You enter by commenting on my original post, or in a variety of other ways. So, please click on the link below, and enter! Thanks so much!

My Foray Into Food Storage

Thank you for reading my blog!   As you can tell, it’s still in its infancy, but it’s growing.  As a “Thank You!” to all of my readers and followers, I’m offering a giveaway which begins tonight right now!  It’s a small giveaway this time, but I’m working with a few potential sponsors to offer a larger giveaway next month!   Think Tupperware and Freeze-dried food storage.

Without further ado, here are the details.  I’m giving away four items to one winner!  These items will help you start or build your food storage and 72 hour emergency survival kits (bug out bags).  The items are:

Giveaway! My first giveaway prize!

– 1 can Bega Processed Cheese – This is REAL cheese you can shred, melt, etc with a 15+ year shelf life.  I think it tastes like a cross between Velveeta and Cheddar cheese. – ARV $4

– 1 S.O.S. Emergency…

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Author: Laurie Nguyen

I am a happily married, stay at home mom with four sons, ages 24, 22, 18, and 14. I'm not a professional blogger, and I'm certainly not a foodie or a chef. But I like food, so I think I'm qualified to write about my own life experience with food. Want to be a little more prepared for the unexpected? Check out my Food Storage Blog, Have a question about Food Storage? Email me:

3 thoughts on “What An AWESOME Month! As A “Thank You!”, My First-Ever Giveaway Begins RIGHT NOW!

  1. Congratulations on the giveaway and I am enjoying reading your blog, you have some really great helpful tips.


  2. Thank you for following my blog, I’m having great fun reading yours! Keep up the good work!


  3. I also follow your blog and like the useful tips that you offer. Really enjoy your posts!


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