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garlic press giveaway


Thought my readers might appreciate this garlic press giveaway. Take a look at this blogger’s great review and recipe, then enter the giveaway!

Brooklyn Homemaker

Today I have something big for everyone! I’m announcing the first ever Brooklyn Homemaker giveaway!

garlic press giveaway | Brooklyn Homemaker

In my last post, I reviewed several garlic presses, detailed some of the different features available on some of them, and discussed which ones I liked the best. The Harold Import Company, makers of the garlic press and slicer that I reviewed, has generously agreed to donate one for a loyal reader and fan of Brooklyn Homemaker!

garlic herb compound butter | Brooklyn Homemaker

This one ended up being one of my favorites. Though unpeeled garlic requires a bit of extra force, it can handle both peeled and unpeeled cloves. It’s better at getting more garlic through the press than some of the other ones I tested, but it did still leave a small bit behind. One of the reasons I like it so much is that it also doubles as a garlic slicer, giving you nice thin evenly sliced garlic…

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6 thoughts on “garlic press giveaway

  1. Sorry! This thing was just too complicated to do – go here, go there…. ???? Anyway, until I don’t have electricity any more, I will continue to grind my garlic into submission in my magic bullet. If the electricity goes out, I will go back to my knife, which has served me for more than 20 years as the way to make anything smaller. Mincing garlic with my knife is either a very Zen thing, or else a way to get out a lot of frustration or aggression.


  2. Great information it’s really gets very hard to find the really working garlic press sometimes this very handy.


  3. would love one if they will ship to the uk lovely post Laurie

    On Sun, Mar 16, 2014 at 5:11 AM, My Foray Into Food Storage wrote:

    > Laurie Nguyen posted: “Thought my readers might appreciate this garlic > press giveaway. Take a look at this blogger’s great review and recipe, then > enter her giveaway!”


  4. Sounds fabulous. I’ve never had luck with garlic presses. Nowadays I grate my garlic. 😉


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