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It may not be the gluten after all

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A very well written article by a fellow blogger about Gluten and some recent studies showing that it is not always the cause of problems people experience.

A Manner of Living

bread Gluten is the thing that makes pizza dough perfectly sticky and freshly baked bread deliciously chewy.  Recently, it has also been vilified as a modern day culinary pariah; the nutritional scapegoat for all that ails you.

But before you feel sorry for this protein and think it is earning an unjustified bad reputation much like dietary fat did back in the day, know that gluten is not entirely innocent.  In fact, many think it has earned this reputation fair and square.  And yet, gluten may also be taking the fall for other accomplices.

Introducing the defendant

Gluten is a protein that is found in whole grains like wheat, barley and rye. Even just a few years back, removing gluten from one’s dietary intake was not an easy or popular task.  This burden was relegated only to those with a gluten allergy or with  celiac disease, a disorder where exposure to any…

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