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What’s My Favorite Thrive Product?


I asked you which Thrive product you want to try as part of my April giveaway (enter here), and I thought you might want to know which is mine.  I haven’t tried everything in their line, but what I have tried has been wonderful.  Second-to-noneand delicious!  It’s hard to pick one favorite item, because their products are so wonderful.  I love their freeze dried chicken and their powdered eggs, but if I had to pick one favorite, it would be their macaroons from their dessert line (see it here).


Their macaroon mix is so easy to make and so YUMMY!  It’s a just add water mix, and it turns out perfectly every time.  What I love the most about the Thrive line is that they stand behind their products 100%!  If something doesn’t meet your expectations, they make it right.  Of course, nothing I’ve had from Thrive has ever failed to meet my expectations, but it is good to know that they treat their customers well.


Thrive Macaroons, photo courtesy of Thrive.

Thrive Macaroons, photo courtesy of Thrive.


Some people think of purchasing food storage as a one time event.  They buy it, then they never think of it again.  I like my food storage to contain foods I’ll actually eat.  These macaroons are so delicious that I want to eat them all the time (and I’m not a dessert person)!


Please take a moment to visit my sponsor’s page and take a look around, then enter my April giveaway here.  Our prize is a pantry size can of freeze dried sausage and a pantry size can of freeze dried cheddar cheese.  These are two customer favorites and two top sellers.


April Giveaway Prize

April Giveaway Prize


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2 thoughts on “What’s My Favorite Thrive Product?

  1. The macaroons look great, but I would probably eat them all in a day. I think I will have to get something more substantial when I make my first purchases. BTW, after opening the package do you have to use it quickly, or can it be resealed and stored longer?


    • Most products like this should be used within 3-6 months after opening. They come with a lid to keep the product fresh. They can be stored on the pantry shelf, but if you put them in the fridge or freezer, they will store longer. If you really wanted to reseal it, you could use a mylar bag and an oxygen absorber, but I don’t know what the shelf life would be.


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