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Knock-Off Recipe Test: Cafe Rio Beef in a Pressure Cooker

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One of my favorite things to make at home! You can do it on the stove in a regular pot or a pressure cooker or in a crockpot. It’s so delicious!

My Foray Into Food Storage

A few years ago, my sisters (who live in Maryland and Utah) were just RAVING about Cafe Rio, especially about their freshly made tortillas and their salads.  Cafe Rio is a “Mexican” (notice the quotes) fast service restaurant similar to Chipotle.  So, while stopping for gas when passing through Utah, I went by a Cafe Rio and ordered a shredded roast beef burrito.  Mind you, I am not usually a “meat” gal.  I usually opt for vegetarian dishes, but I was told that the roast beef was great.  So, I tried it.  It was fine, but not as amazing as everyone said.  At least, that was my initial reaction.  I could only eat half of my burrito (it was huge!), so I saved the rest in the cooler.  When I ate it later, I realized how yummy it truly was!  The roast beef was well flavored and tender…

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