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WARNING! It’s Valentine’s Day & I’m Getting Fancy!


I am not a “fancy” person.  While I like dressing up and attending formal events on occasion, I am a pretty regular gal.  I rarely do fancy things for holidays, other than making a turkey dinner for Thanksgiving, so it must be a super, special occasion or I’ve had a rare, but sudden, burst of inspiration if I make something fancy and pretty.


While Valentine’s Day is not my favorite holiday, I had the aforementioned sudden burst of inspiration and decided to make heart shaped goodies: cinnamon rolls and brownies. The brownies are easy enough.  I’m simply using a heart shaped cookie cutter once my made from a mix brownies have cooled.




The cinnamon rolls are a different story. I made my favorite cinnamon rolls (recipe here) and attempted to rolls my cinnamon rolls into hearts. Take a gander.




How did I do this? It was quite simple. Instead of rolling the dough into one big cylinder, I rolled in from parallel edges, forming two cylinders, until they met in the center. Then I cut them into 1 inch pieces.




After removing a piece from the counter, I formed it into a heart by pinching the bottom into a v-shape, like so.







And how did these babies turn out?  Well,  results were mixed.  See?


The one on the right looks just how I imagined.  The one on the left?  Not so much, but both taste so yummy that I can overlook any flaws in appearance!

The one on the right looks just how I imagined. The one on the left? Not so much, but both taste so yummy that I can overlook any flaws in appearance!


Lesson learned, I still don’t do fancy.  🙂

Do you?  Any disaster stories you’d care to share?


Author: Laurie Nguyen

I am a happily married, stay at home mom with four sons, ages 24, 22, 18, and 14. I'm not a professional blogger, and I'm certainly not a foodie or a chef. But I like food, so I think I'm qualified to write about my own life experience with food. Want to be a little more prepared for the unexpected? Check out my Food Storage Blog, Have a question about Food Storage? Email me:

8 thoughts on “WARNING! It’s Valentine’s Day & I’m Getting Fancy!

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day

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  2. You had me at cinnamon rolls! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  3. Why does your pastry remind me of an alien with an open mouth? LOL, other than that is actually looks delicious!

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  4. How whimsical and fun. I spent years making “fancy” foods. In a prior life, some of my best buds were five-star chefs and I loved spending time in their kitchens. Now I like to keep it simple. While your presentation is fancy, the recipe seems simple – best of both worlds. Congrats!

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  5. I love how rusty and real they turned out!!! They look amazing!!! And they look Fairly fancy to me 🙂

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  6. The cinnamon rolls look tasty, and a little creepy 🙂


  7. This is genius! Thanks for sharing =]


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