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Who Wouldn’t Love To Help A Little Boy Get A Service Dog? Plus A Giveaway!

My good friend, Bethany, is an awesome lady!  She is a bundle of energy and is always looking for a way to help others.  She was kind enough to write up a little intro for my blog.


“Hello, my name is Bethany Varney, and I love Tupperware!  So, almost 2 years, ago, I decided to become a consultant.  What does Tupperware have to do with food storage?  A lot!  I have 6 kids with 2 on gluten-free diets.  Being able to store different kinds of flours without worrying about bugs or spills is great.  [Plus] Tupperware is BPA free…  Most seals are water tight and air tight, which can save big money from spoilage.


Large Square Modular Mates - My personal favorite!

Large Square Modular Mates – My personal favorite!


One of my favorite products are Modular Mates.  They come in different shapes and sizes to accommodate different items and shelf sizes.  I like to buy in bulk and on sale, so modular mates allow me to keep those deals fresh and safe to use.  If you have questions or need replacement pieces, feel free to contact me by email, phone, or via my website.




“Also, during the month of June, I am helping with a fundraiser for a great family with a young son with autism.  They are raising money to help him get a service dog to help with his safety.  Their family needs to raise over $25,000 to achieve this goal.  You are welcome to join in by ordering online (here).  Also, check out his fundraising page (here).”


Isn’t Bethany wonderful?  She is a great lady!


Now, onto the giveaway.  I’m doing something a little different this time.  I’m using “Rafflecopter” to host the giveaway.  What does that mean?  You need to click on the link below to enter the giveaway.


Click Here To Enter!


Why am I doing this?  Rafflecopter makes it so much easier to operate a “complicated” giveaway, because they have links to everything embedded right in each entry opportunity.  So, it’s an extra click for you, but it’s much easier once you get to their site.  If I were self-hosted, I could put the Rafflecopter box right inside this post, but, alas, I’m not.


What am I giving away?  Some Tupperware!  I’ve had quite a few people comment on how much they like the containers I use to store my flour and sugar.


No, I'm not giving away the cream, but this is a picture of one of my well-used, and well-loved modular mates.

No, I’m not giving away the cream, but this is a picture of one of my well-used, and well-loved modular mates.


But, I’m not giving you my old Modular Mates.  Bethany generously provided a new set of Modular Mates valued at $61!  See?


1 large, square Modular Mates container and 2 small, square Modular Mates containers with black seals.  They are lovely!

1 large, square Modular Mates container and 2 small, square Modular Mates containers with black seals. They are lovely!


As part of the entry process, you visit Bethany’s Tupperware site (found here) and come back to this blog post and make a comment telling me which Tupperware product you’d like to win.  Please note that, unlike my previous giveaways, the comment is not all that’s required for an entry.  You must make a comment here, then return to the Rafflecopter page and confirm that you made a comment.  Hopefully this won’t be too complicated, but if it is, I’ll go back to my “old” way of running giveaways.


As always, thanks for visiting my blog, and enjoy! 

Again, you can enter my giveaway by visiting Rafflecopter (here).


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